Ina J. Brown

Owner (former)

Lilac Wellness Center

Rochester, MN

“I had the privilege of working with Kelly at Lilac Wellness Center. Kelly’s intellect and past experiences enable her to assimilate information quickly and at a high-level of detail, thus allowing her to appropriately assess any given situation, come to a conclusion and then direct the course of action that is best aligned with a company’s strategies and goals. She is a confident, intelligent, and enthusiastic business professional who understands how a business is interconnected and leverages systems-thinking to foster strong relationships at all levels – internally and externally. She is forward thinking and action-oriented, so when decisions need to be made and projects, people or processes need to be elevated to a higher level of performance, Kelly is the person who will make it happen. I’ve never worked with anyone who is more dedicated or hard working. She’s also a great leader and mentor and has a gift for connecting with people. I am happy to recommend her.”

Mari Ruddy

Internship Coordinator, U of MN, and

Owner, Mari Ruddy Consulting

Minneapolis, MN

“Kelly is a gifted presenter and workshop leader. She is a "make it happen" colleague. I had the pleasure of working on a powerful social media campaign that resulted in a small team of us recruiting more than double the goal number of attendees at a conference. Kelly had many powerful, do-able ideas and she helped pioneer the path to action. It was a delight to work alongside Kelly. She's upbeat, encouraging and very talented. I highly recommend Kelly to everyone. Having her part of your team will result in powerful outcomes.”

Katie Fraser

PR Coordinator

Lola Red

Minneapolis, MN

“Kelly and I belong to Lean In Together Minneapolis-St. Paul and work together on several groups within the organization. Over the last year and a half I have gotten to know Kelly personally and professionally. She is goal oriented, detailed and a task master. She always keeps the big picture in mind and uses it to guide even the most specific conversations and topics. Kelly is a natural leader who helps the groups we belong to grow by asking open ended questions, giving constructive feedback and speaking openly and honestly. I've also seen Kelly become a strong mentor to a number of women within the groups we share, as well as lend her talents to groups she may not be in but wants to assist. She is earnest, kind and driven. A real pleasure to work with!”

Jen Vetter

Staffing Executive

Robert Half

Minneapolis, MN

“Kelly and I are co-leaders of South of the River Lean In. Kelly has grown our group from a fledgling start up into a thriving, regular meeting filled with motivation, insights, and connections! During our monthly meetings, Kelly often facilitates the discussion, which involves researching the selected topic, developing a presentation, and leading the conversation. Her myriad interests and talents are inspiring to watch in action, as she teaches our group about motivation, trust, public speaking, and other personal and leadership development topics. Her no-nonsense approach is refreshing. I would highly recommend Kelly for any corporate or private speaking, coaching, or leadership development needs you may have.”

“Kelly edited my book, "Write Your Book in a Flash!" She did an amazing job. Very thorough. Very insightful. She asked good questions and raised valid points. She knows her material well! Very detail oriented. I would highly recommend Kelly for any position requiring insight and intuition, as well as attention to detail.”

Dan Janal

Author, Publicity Expert, Speaker, and former journalist

PR Leads Plus

Minneapolis, MN & San Diego, CA